Event Information
Make a Mandala

Join Nancy Plymale, licensed professional art therapist from the Brown Cancer Center, in this workshop on creating mandalas! The act of creating your mandala will be an exploration into mindfulness, focusing on the here and now. Most importantly, the goal is to enjoy the creative process, choose colors, shapes and images that appeal to you and allow the image to emerge without criticism. So many people say,” I am not creative, or I can’t draw”, but Nancy is here to disagree and say that if you can doodle, write words, draw lines, shapes, squiggles, then you can do this. Sign up today!

Supplies needed:

White paper, pencils, markers, and whatever you may have around the house: colored pencils, oil pastels, magazines, construction paper, glue or glue stick if you want to collage, tissue paper, stamps, a ruler, etc. If you want to create a perfect circle, you will also need something to trace that is roughly the shape of a record – but freehand circles will also work!