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"Somehow my brother, Kevin, still worked it out to get the last laugh and now has me jumping off a building to honor him while he watches from heaven above." This is a quote from Kevin's brother, Brian Bailey, who will be jumping in place of his brother Kevin who recently passed away this year due to cancer. Brian is fearful of heights, but is willing to do whatever it takes to honor his brother and help the fight against cancer.

Over The Edge is an event that consists of a variety of participants repelling from the top of the Hyatt in downtown Louisville. This is a once in a lifetime experience for those who participate, while at the same time creates a tremendous impact for Gilda's Club and it's members as the proceeds will directly help fulfill our organization's mission. Believe it or not, Kevin wanted to repel from the top of the Hyatt located in downtown Louisville regardless of the amount of pain he was experiencing. Since Kevin's passing, Brian made a commitment to fill Kevin's shoes and repel in his place!

Do me a favor and read about a small piece of Kevin's journey with cancer and with Gilda's Club. If you have the means to support Kevin and his desire to go Over The Edge you're donation would mean the world, but if you're not able to, sharing this page on your social media would be much appreciated!

As someone who started his battle with cancer in May of 2019, when hearing about Gilda's Club and the event with Over The Edge he couldn't help but think about the thrill this would bring to his life given the adversity of the past 19 months. Gilda's Club has been there to offer support groups for both Kevin and his family the entire time! As a family, they have all had to endure this fight together and Gilda's Club makes sure they don't feel alone in this battle with cancer.

As mentioned earlier, Kevin's journey with cancer began when he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in May of 2019. He began treatment shortly after being diagnosed, which presented varying obstacles and challenges he had never faced before. Up until that point, he had never been in a position where his body was telling him what to do. This led to the many treatments of radiation and chemotherapy as well as a few separate surgeries in hopes of curing his particular type of cancer.

Kevin's journey took a turn for the better as he was officially declared in remission in December of 2019.

However, just as he thought things were returning " to normal," he had a follow up appointment in February of 2020 that led to a contrary conclusion. The cancer was back.

Kevin has recently entered into a new round of treatments, which leave him weak and fatigued at times, but one of the bigger challenges this time has been not being able to have his wife, Kristie, join him at his Doctor's visits due to COVID-19. As difficult and trying as this season has been, he feels very blessed to have Gilda's Club in his life. Once again, Gilda's Club has shown up with virtual support and has played a major role in his cancer journey.

Kevin's wife, Kristie, and his two daughters, Kassie and Kelsie reside in Fairdale, KY.

Any help to get Brian Over The Edge to honor his brother would be greatly appreciated!

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