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* * * * UPDATE: SHE DID IT AGAIN GUYS! MY DAUGHTER, MY HERO, SKYLER JACHELLE, HAS BEAT CANCER AGAIN!! PLEASE, HELP US CELEBRATE HER RECENT VICTORY, AND HELP US HELP GILDA'S CLUB, who is there constantly and consistenly, for soo many others and ensure that they can keep doing so! NO1 is promised tomorrow and you never know when cancer may touch your life, and you find yourself in the good graces of Gilda's...let's make sure they keep being the blessing they are!! ANY AND ALL DONATIONS HELP GUYS!! SERIOUSLY, GIMME PENNIES THIS TIME, I DON'T CARE, IT ALLLL ADDS UP!! This will also help me keep up an awesome committment to the club, as in the past life has constantly gotten in the way of my plans with and for the club...help me get back on track, and in an amazing, special, rewarding way! ! ! ! AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLKS, SHARE THIS FOR MEEEEEE!! ON ALL YOUR social media, to your co workers, your bartender, your hair stylist/barber, etc. etc. (look, that's an AMAZING help to me/us, right there alone! ! ! ! )  THEN, COME OUT IN MAY AND WATCH US DO IT AGAIN!, WATCH US CELEBRATE SKYLER'S VICTORY, AND GILDA'S CLUB, AS WE REPEL 18 STORIES AGAIN ! ! ! ! :''D



My daughter had a huge cancerous brain tumor removed in October 2018. It was also discovered that her father had colon cancer and so bad that it had already spread to his liver and abdominal wall. Also at the time I had my sick, dying mother in law living with and dependent on my then spouse and I. Then my spouse had a stroke. It was around this time also that we also got even more devastating, life changing news...my child's father and I have Lynch Syndrome, so therefore when we made our daughter, she has CMMRD. Both are rare, genetic, strong predispositions to several different cancers, or multiple cancers at once. We didn't know much about Gilda's Club then, only that it was "cancer related", and we figured we needed all the help and support we could get in this journey. We became members and now I could never speak of or praise this organization enough. We were provided weekly, catered, waited on dinners every week before splitting up in our groups that the staff so carefully placed us in, according to our situation...there's groups for caregivers, teens/young adults, and etc. They are constant, wonderful source of support and the basic tenet is "living with cancer is not a choice, how you live with it, is". They greatly encourage living well during and after cancer treatments and have a jam packed calendar every month of various events and activities, even now during the Coronavirus pandemic...they're just all virtual for now. No one has to pay, or you pay what you can...in this FAMILY, no ones left behind. Gilda's Club helped us get through one of the very most hardest and scariest times of our lives, and I don't know what we would've done without them. I am excited to join this fund raiser and to give back some to an organization whom has done so much for my family and I, and still do. Please join me in my cause and donate TODAY, NOW, ANYthing you can...every penny adds up, and is greatly needed and appreciated. Please donate, and tell and encourage at least two other people that you know to also. * * AND THEN, COME OUT ON MAY 21ST & 22ND, AND WATCH ME AND THE OTHER TOP RAISERS, REPEL 18 STORIES DOWN THE SIDE OF THE GALT HOUSE!! * * lol!

Thanks so much and God bless us all.


* I dedicate my fund raising participation to my sister Terese Ann Payment a.k.a. Spyder/Pixie Sugar Rush, and my child's father, Daniel James Oldaker. Gone, but NEVER, ever forgotten. *  


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